Friday, January 22, 2010

Archive Dress

I'm sewing again! It had been a long time, but my machine and I are reunited. It took us some acquainted again, since the first 3 projects I tried went straight to the trash. This dress (Simplicity 2724) was in a bag since Fall. I finally got it out again, and my machine and I lept toward the finish line.

The fabric for the top is Liberty of London, which I lined with 100% cotton. The bottom is a linen blend, that I bought at Fabric Depot in Portland about a year and a half ago. I made the belt for the dress with the fabric I cut from the hem, which was way too long. I'm excited by the fact that I may be crafting ahead of season with this one. A Spring/Summer collection. Imagine!


sew nancy said...

i really like the top and skirt. nothing beats sewing with liberty of london and linen.


Elizabeth said...

Oooh, pretty pretty! I love it. Great job.