Friday, September 21, 2012

Bib It Up

We had a laundry, um, situation over here recently.  I *might* have left a bright red lipstick in the pocket of a pair of trousers and it *may* have gotten a streak of red on every single thing in that doggone load.  Of course, it was one of those, "I'll just add a few more things into this basket, then I can have much more laundry done" type loads, too.  DRATS.  Anyway, we lost almost every single bib we had in the wake of that situation  (as well as Mr. Jones' only pair of shorts, though I may still be wearing a lipstick-stained nightgown and a favorite dress, already stained with milk - for SHAME!).  However, in these days of teething, Miss Jones can't be wearing red-streaked bibs.  So I got to work...

Fabric scrap bag to the rescue, again!  I traced a bib I liked from the carnage, made some tweaks, and sewed up some new ones from bits of favorite scraps.  I made them reversible, and it's nice to have Penny in a nice linen floral, instead of wearing a towel strapped around her neck at all times of the day.  If there's one thing she hates most in this world it's the sound of velcro, so I used buttons.  I saved the pattern so you can make some, too!  Because everyone knows a few babies, and every baby is a big 'ol messy mess.  I bring you "A Very Good Bib", with a link on my sidebar, should you want to find it at a later time.

First click on this bib pattern jpeg below, and drag it to your desktop to copy it.  Then, print it using the "Tabloid" or 11x17 inch setting on your printer.  Follow the directions below to sew it up.

What you'll need:
1. A small amount of 2 different fabrics, or a larger amount (less than a quarter yard) of one fabric.
2. Two buttons OR a small amount of velcro for fastening the bib.
3. A sewing machine.
3. Thread.
4. A hot iron.

How you'll make it:
1. Cut 2 bibs from the same or different fabrics, using the pattern.
2. With right sides of fabrics together, sew around the bib using a quarter inch seam allowance and leaving an opening between the gray lines.
3. Turn the bib, pushing out the small curves and pressing the bib flat with an iron, tucking the seam allowance to the inside of the "sack" at the opening.
4. Topstitch the bib, leaving a scant seam allowance, getting as close to the edge as you can with your stitching.
4. Attach 2 buttons to either side of the bib, where the orange circle indicates, or attach sew-on or adhesive velcro to both sides, or one.  If using buttons, make sure to attach well, so babies don't chew or tear them off.
5. Make a buttonhole where the orange line indicates, or attach the other portion of the velcro.
6. Attach bib to Baby, and watch the drooling begin!  Make 10 more, to get Baby through 1 day.

A stack of these make a great baby shower gift!
Please send nightgowns and dresses (kidding!)

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Taylor Morgan said...

I'll have to make one of those for my husband :)