Thursday, August 20, 2015

Back to School Knits, by Me!

Great news! I've published a few knitting patterns and they're available now...for free!

It's no secret that I love knitting for kids. It's been a passion of mine before I even had kids. I used to knit for every kid I knew. I was browsing patterns one day, and I saw a photo of a child on school picture day, in his favorite handknit sweater. Suddenly I had an idea to design a few patterns inspired by school motifs: penmanship paper, composition books, and the humble yellow pencil.

These designs, sized for kids ages 4-12, are patterns I would love to see on kids. In fact, I will see them on kids, as mine will be wearing them for many years to come :). I hope you'll download the free e-book, and make one for a kid you know. If you do, I would love to see it!

Special thanks to everyone at Knit Picks, who did an amazing job with everything from the tech edits of the pattern, to the photos and graphic design. Thanks as well to James (+ Malena & Graham) for being such a great model. And to Penny, for being Penny, even if she didn't really know why she was wearing this sweater in front of this backdrop.

Mr. Jones calls this her, "Wait, mommies don't go to Kindergarten?" photo. I might just have to Photoshop in one tiny, glistening tear falling from her eye. Love you, Penny. 

You can download the free pattern e-book by clicking HERE. Enjoy!

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