Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mr Furly: Back In Public

Apparently this blog isn't that popular if Furl felt comfortable as a convicted felon on a public beach in Hawaii! He says he received a few looks askance, but nothing any other beaten-up, 18'' sunbathing beaver wouldn't endure. Furl's back on the mainland now. I can't say if I've seen him, but I can tell you he's coming up with some pretty creative future ways to hide...


Anonymous said...

Wow Furl has come a long way! I remember Furl from Summer Camp so many years ago. Remember those songs we made up with Furl?!?!?
I am so impressed with all of the stuff you make! My kids are extremely impressed with your resume (because you "know" Linny, Ming Ming, Tuck and Little Bill!). You have entirely too much time on your hands... I must loan you some of my kids (6 in totaly)!
Not sure if Heather told you that she works with my daughter at school. She gave me the link to your blog.

Anonymous said...

would have been helpful if I signed the post!
Heather (McCarty)