Monday, May 23, 2016

Strawberries in May

Apparently, because we've had some warmer weather in weeks past, Oregon Strawberries are ripe for the u-pick! So the girls and I headed out for a morning in the mud. We picked the berries, met the farm owner (who told us we were welcome to samples), saw pigs and chickens and roosters and ladybugs, and jumped in muddy puddles. Penny and Lulu play a game where Penny picks Lulu up, and they laugh hysterically before they both fall to the ground, and laugh even harder. It is a joy to watch. Perhaps it was the tall grass field where we had the most fun, however, playing hide and seek in reeds that crested the girls' heads.


They chewed on their apples the whole way home. We almost had the whole farm to ourselves! It was a dreamy morning in the countryside, for sure.

Thursday, May 12, 2016


Before we had kiddos, Mr. Jones and I visited Enchanted Forest and were totally charmed. We had always planned to go back, but who would have known it would be our two daughters, only six years later? Now old enough to just start understanding fairy tales, Penny and Lulu appreciated all of the sculptures, and structures, and stories. Penny's best friend Estella joined us, too. There's nothing like riding the slides and bumper boats, peaking in mysterious windows of fake thatched houses, and strolling the streets of a faux western town with your best friend and your sister. Truly enchanting!



PS. Penny and Lulu's dresses are here.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Roses for Mother's Day

Did you have a lovely Mother's Day? We sure did. The weather was gorgeous so we headed up to the Portland Rose Garden. Penny has a passion for roses, and she shared it with all of us.  She grabbed her bucket and collected fallen petals as she walked along and admired the blooms. Then we headed to the playground just next to it for slides, sand, and lots of smiles from everyone.

It was Penny's first time mastering some hand over hand on the monkey bars! She was just so proud of herself. Lulu went down the tube slide with both Daddy and her sister, and ran to tell me about it time and time again. Being a mom to these two is the greatest joy of my life, and I'm so happy to be called "Mama" by them, even if I'm called that at least 200 times a day ;).

PS. Details of Penny's dress are here, and details of Lulu's dress are here. Penny is also wearing Lulu's Easter sweater! I love when a handknit can get passed around.