Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Riding the Kiddie Rides

We go to the amusement park here in town once a year, sponsored by Mr. Jones' work.  This time it was so, so different. The girls went on rides! Penny was scared at first, but once she rode a couple with Mama and Daddy, she was ready to do it all by herself. Lulu barreled through the gate behind her, determined to try every ride her sister did, and the employees seemed not to flinch at her age, so we let her. She only got scared once! Between stormy clouds and occasional downpours, we had such a wonderful time. We didn't want to go home.

I'll never forget how I watched Lulu come down that huge slide with Mr. Jones, and I thought "Oh, no. It's not good." She was sort of frozen in his lap. But as soon as they slowed at the bottom, her little fingers came together in the baby sign language for "more", and she shouted "MO, MO!" and we all had to ride twice, before the girls would let us move on.

Former visits to Oaks Park include 2013 and 2014.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Best Friends Forever

To have a friend like this. A friend who makes you smile every time you look at her. A friend who gives you energy to run faster than you think you can, and climb higher than you ever would alone. A friend to stare at the moon, while you stare at the sunset. This is Penny's friendship with Estella (also known as Yay-Ya), who came to the beach with her family, and ours. We didn't tell Penny she was coming until she was minutes away in the car. They ate the same dinner, played the same games, and didn't argue once. These are best friends, and have been for almost their whole lives. To have a friend like this, is really something special.

Manzanita, Oregon, August 21, 2015

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Beach Weekend

We have not been to the Oregon Coast since we've had kids. Isn't that terrible? It's only a couple hours drive from Portland and just as stunning as beaches we've traveled much farther to see. This time, we rented an amazing house, invited great friends, and watched the kids enjoy every moment of two nights and three days in a brand new place called Manzanita.

I made their dresses. Lulu's is a cloud fabric with which I was going to make curtains for Penny's room, but it just didn't work out. Instead, I made this pattern, with rainbow buttons down the back and a front button tab made of a tiny scrap left over from Penny's 3rd birthday dress.  Penny's beach dress is from this pattern, same as I made their matching dresses,  The fabric is Children at Play On Parade, and nothing could be truer. My children are certainly always on parade.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Back to School Knits, by Me!

Great news! I've published a few knitting patterns and they're available now...for free!

It's no secret that I love knitting for kids. It's been a passion of mine before I even had kids. I used to knit for every kid I knew. I was browsing patterns one day, and I saw a photo of a child on school picture day, in his favorite handknit sweater. Suddenly I had an idea to design a few patterns inspired by school motifs: penmanship paper, composition books, and the humble yellow pencil.

These designs, sized for kids ages 4-12, are patterns I would love to see on kids. In fact, I will see them on kids, as mine will be wearing them for many years to come :). I hope you'll download the free e-book, and make one for a kid you know. If you do, I would love to see it!

Special thanks to everyone at Knit Picks, who did an amazing job with everything from the tech edits of the pattern, to the photos and graphic design. Thanks as well to James (+ Malena & Graham) for being such a great model. And to Penny, for being Penny, even if she didn't really know why she was wearing this sweater in front of this backdrop.

Mr. Jones calls this her, "Wait, mommies don't go to Kindergarten?" photo. I might just have to Photoshop in one tiny, glistening tear falling from her eye. Love you, Penny. 

You can download the free pattern e-book by clicking HERE. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Victoria Part 4: Parliament, Royal B.C. Museum, and The Beach

On our last day in Victoria, we went to the Royal B.C. Museum. Our friends had told us it was one part natural history, one part social history, and it was all truly delightful. There were large-scale dioramas of native animals, sailing ships, and a main street, with a movie theater, train station, and hotel! We all enjoyed it. It was truly an all-ages experience.

Before we went into the museum, we put down a blanket and had snacks and played "sticky ball" (what else do you call that game where the ball sticks to velcro paddles?) outside the museum, in front of the B.C. House of Parliament.

Power Nap, with Daddy (outfits coordinating with buildings, optional):

Our last afternoon was spent back at Gyro Park, but this time not so much on the playground as on the beach! Both girls loved making sandcastles and Lulu liked to get her legs buried in the sand.

Victoria, B.C. was the perfect vacation for us! On the day we left, we got up early and played outside, and once we got off the ferry, both girls slept for over 3 of the 4 hours we drove home. Perfecto! I keep trying to make a printed book of our vacation, as the ones I've done in the past have been so cherished. Those books take so much time, though! Hopefully I can get it done. We did so many things on this trip I don't want them to forget, and they're definitely more into reading books, than blogs :).