Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Mitts and Knits

It's snowing again. I've been knitting, revisiting patterns of previous years and making up some new ones. I thought I'd share.

These are bear hats in 2 sizes, for Mama, Papa, and Baby Bears. My friend Chris in Maine sent me video of his Baby Bear Blythe playing in one a few years ago. I'm trying desperately to locate it, as it would melt you. I made up this pattern, and would be happy to pass it on, just email:

I'm obsessed with Scandanavian patterned mittens. These are a few I've made this year, plus two more I'll be posting in a few weeks (and yes, they all have partners).

Now I'm trying my first sweater for a long time. It's baby-sized, for four new Baby Bears of friends due this year!

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gabrielle said...

i still have my bear cap you knitted ages ago, maybe one of the originals. all of my nieces have tried to steal it.
i assume the chris in maine you refer to is thompson. i would love to get back in touch with him. if you think about it, will you please pass along my email to him?