Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Love 4 London: Part 1

I often get asked why I love London. My 97 year-old grandmother always asks me, "What do they have that we don't have?" and countless Brits ask "Why do you want to live here?". It's the little things you love about a city that make it wonderful to live there, isn't it? I've decided to do a few sequences, 4 snaps each, of things I love about the cities in which I find myself.

These are the canals of North London that span the city East to West. They're filled with birds and barges (on which people live) and lined with pavements where many people walk, bicycle, and picnic.

The houses and apartment buildings along the canals aren't like others in London, often incredibly modern, but still with a maritime feeling...

The canals lead all the way to beautiful Regent's Park, to an area on the water called "Little Venice", and to the London Zoo!

Whenever I see a staircase from the street like this one, I skip the subway or bus and love to "take" the canal.

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