Sunday, June 7, 2009

Love 4: My Stuff!

Many of you know I was more than reluctant to move to Portland, Oregon way back in March 2007. In the end, I did it to try something completely new and make a certain boy happy. Besides the project on which I worked being one I'm really proud of and having met amazingly lovely people, I was truly overwhelmed by the thrift store scenario.

You know I love thrift stores, and I didn't think it got better than the suburbs of Chicago, but Portland was a new level. And I was constantly at it. For a person who moved there in 1 suitcase, I came out with a crate. I'm still loving the stuff I collected, and I'll wait for you to visit me to see the full extent. Here are 4 of my favorites.

1. Vintage Craft Books. I collected them before, and I continue to collect them. They're so full of ideas, and the photography is just amazing. At some point I'll have to show you my favorite pages. This is a great blog I've been following of a fellow connoisseur. I've arranged my books in a rainbow, the same way the thrift stores arrange clothing. As if you go in there saying "I desperately need something purple to wear." Well, maybe you do!

2. Vintage Sewing Patterns. And for $.99! There is a 10 year-old who will one day don this Halloween costume handmade by me. It could be your child. You should be so lucky.

3. Framed Pinecone Owl. This was $2.99 and has a sticker on the back that says "Handcrafted by Wanda and Doyle Eaves, Salem, Oregon". I love your work! I love that you got stickers printed, and that maybe your art didn't sell, so you gave it to charity. Or could one of your customers have tired of this gem?! Not possible.

I waited for these cannisters to go on sale at the thrift shop, only because I had no room for them and knew I didn't need them. They still contain nothing, as I always forget what I put in them, and never find it again. But click on them, I beg you. They're AMAZING and I just love owning them. They're 1970s Sears, which you can tell from this blog post was something very special, indeed. Oh, to be old enough in the 1970s to shop for myself! Then again, I who needs time travel? There's always Portland, Oregon.

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Anonymous said...

great find...LOVE that owl picture!