Monday, June 1, 2009

Notes from Near the Fair Isle

I had no idea that the term "Fair Isle" in Fair Isle Knitting, referred to a tiny island off Scotland where one of the main sources of income is knitting! I've added it to my list of desired British holiday destinations. With all my leftover scraps and a few new skeins, I've made this Baby Fair Isle Sweater:

With one small addition I'll show you tomorrow, this rounds out the last of the baby gifts I was making for upcoming arrivals. However, I've enjoyed making the baby clothes so much (and acquired a great new book), I might have to get started on Christmas gifts!

Of course, I may get distracted with other crafts, as our belongings are scheduled to arrive today, after 6 months on road and at sea. Could it really be true?!


jociegal said...

Your stuff is arriving today??? THAT IS SO EXCITING!!! Thank the shipping Gods (after you curse them first for taking 6 months.) Yay! Sweater is adorable! Apparently I am really feeling the exclamation points today!!!!!!

lorena villegas said...

Hi, I have seen what you knitt and it is incredible, Youa ahve so much talent. I have seen the green flag campain as well, Love it it looks creation it is in your blood 100%.
I am a mother of 2, just starting this knitting thing. Self taught. Autodicta. I love it! Now I am getting more dearing and I would like to try this fair isle stuff.... tryning to get some patters... see how it goes. For SURE I would love to go to that Island too.... it is adorable the fair Isle thing. So retro, and enchanting.... old school, isn't it.
Any way, I had to let you know...
Lorena Villegas