Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Homemade Socks for Sunny Days

I made these socks while on my trip to Chicago. I had to beg the security guard in Heathrow to let me take my needles on an 8 hour flight and, in the end, my sad little face won her over.

I'm a sock fanatic . I will rarely sleep without any, and even at the beach I'm known to have a pair to slip on when a breeze comes by, or for after swimming. I also think unique socks, handmade or not, are one of the best gifts you can get. It's such a treat to go in a drawer and pull out an exciting pair, is it not?

I knit these for an upcoming birthday. I was just going to try them on to show them off, but now they might become mine after all.


Heather said...

Can u make me a pair of these??

jociegal said...

I am right there with you about the socks thing. I love them. When you are just slightly chilled, slip on a pair and you are good to go. I especially love any made out of cashmere. Very nice work, as always!