Monday, July 20, 2009

Love 4 Craft Shoppes in London

Would you like to know my favorite fabric and craft stores here in London? They're different from American craft stores because they're much more expensive, with generally much higher quality goods. When you buy a meter of fabric or a skein of wool in one, it will come taped in tissue, and make you feel like you've bought something really special. Here's where I buy my specialty supplies:

Kleins sells trimmings, buttons, elastics, and other haberdashery. When I paid with my debit card once, the nice employee said, "This is your shoppe, Ms. Klein!" Yes, please!

Beautiful fabric, vintage french clothes pins, and old English knitting needles. What else could you want in a cloth house?

Loop sells very posh yarns. Every other weekend, I will be there selling them to you!

The 3rd Floor is Mecca to any fan of Liberty fabrics. Besides that, it's the most beautiful department store in the whole world. Come and visit, and enjoy these great places!

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claire montgomerie said...

i agree with these! unfortunately only workin fridays in loop for a while, but might see you at the launch of my new book? x