Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Famous Hands

Now that the campaign has gone live, I can show you my famous hands! I made an ad for EDF energy recently, where I sewed a Union Jack flag beneath the camera, then manipulated the speed to make this advertisement that appears before internet videos in the UK:


I also developed a font (3 whole alphabets!) of stitched lettering. It's the same font that appears at the end of the video spelling "Team Green Britain", but will be used in further elements of the campaign.

I've never developed a font before, and I got really into the attention to detail you need with graphic design work. Go, Team!


Mal said...

Fantastic! I've seen the adverts on TV and have been admiring the lovely flag!
Great font too! One day I'll have the inspirations for my own...

jociegal said...

Holly awesome. Congrats!

sheila said...

Lady! That is fantastic!! Congrats!