Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vintage Lollipop Molds

I hosted a baby shower! It was fun, and it gave me a chance to bake again, and to use my vintage kitchenwares. I found these lollipop molds at a Portland Goodwill and decided just to melt some high quality chocolate, pour it in them, sprinkle some nuts on the back, and wrap them up.
Love for baby:

Because they're British:

In honor of the baby girl, due in a couple of weeks:

Wrapped up on the party table:

There's a few more molds, but I'm going to have to use them on other occassions. I'd like to try to make hard lollipops in various flavors, and the old box came with a recipe. Since I can only make one at a time, though, I might make them as toppers for gifts. Sweet!


jociegal said...

Question: How did the baby shower in England go? Is that catching on there? I do hope so as I think they are lovely.

Al said...

These are awesome! I took a chocolate making class a few months ago and learned how to do these, but have yet to have a chance to actually do it. Love your vintage Corelle mug - I collect the Spring Blossom Green pattern. (Actually I just add to the stuff that had belonged to G's grandma.)