Friday, October 30, 2009

Transatlantic Halloween

I think I mentioned that I'm not celebrating Halloween this year. I don't have any English parties to go to, and frankly it's not that fun over here. So instead, I offered to make a costume for my favorite 2 year-old (ish) New Yorker. Inspired by her madly curly hair, her mom and I decided she should be a certain orphan.

I finished the costume here in London on Monday, and Fedexed it on Tuesday. Her mom bought the shoes and socks yesterday, and she's all ready to go for tomorrow! Getting this photo today was incredibly rewarding, and even more fun than making my usual Halloween outfit, a laborious process that usually begins around August.

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope, whereever you are, you can enjoy it as much as I have already. Even if you're not dressing up!

1 comment:

jociegal said...

SOOOOO CUTE! Look at that hair!!!! Wowzers - I love it.

Dan has been bummed missing out on an American Halloween as well. You three should have thrown your own little party. Oh god - I just got a flashback of your costumes from last year...those were the best ever, ever, EVER!