Thursday, January 28, 2010

'What I Made Instead' Jacket

For Samuel, who is feeling under the weather and is under age 2, I made this lil' jacket, similar to the one his dad goes to work in every day. It was from scraps I had around (you'll notice the patterned fabric from other projects), and I love how it came out.

I put a label in the lapel, just like they do on real jackets. I toyed around with the idea of an inside pocket, with a tiny golf pencil or mini pen, though not really age appropriate for a toddler...

I'm in love with the vintage pattern.It highlights another look I think all children should be sporting. Mr. Jones, who has a history of figure drawing, points out that many of the children's legs are too long for their babyish heads. Supermodel babies of the 1970s!

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