Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Coronet

Things are going well in Portland, but I'm so busy! It's straight to overtime with my new job, but I'm really enjoying it. The good news is, we found an amazing new apartment with an extra room so you can all come and stay! Well, maybe not all of you. I'll have my own sewing space for the first time. You can imagine how excited I am.

Since I haven't had any time to craft, or photograph (or breathe), I thought I'd share with you a couple of my favorite London places. Now, I'm not one to recommend anything to anyone. If you asked me where to eat in Portland I'd tell you IHOP, and when the Howard Johnson closed in Times Square I was devastated for weeks. I don't like fancy food. In a local resturaunt I look for LOCALS, preferably ones that yell at you when you sit in "their seat". And old time features. And character. Food is generally inconsequential for me. As long as they're doing the basics as well as I could do them at home, it's a winner for me.

In London, my favorite place is The Coronet on Holloway Road. It was an old time theater that's now been take over by the Wetherspoons chain of pub. Don't let that put you off folks, it's amazing.

The bacony is still fully in tact, the old projector is in the middle of the room, and the locals are nice and cranky. And where else can you get a full Sunday roast for 6.00 GBP? I made my friends take me there for my birthday a few years ago and one ordered a "mixed meat plate" (you know who you are). Uh, don't do that. But everything else is good.

It took me a full 18 months (and an impending international move) to convince Mr. Jones to join me for a Sunday at The Coronet, and it was only a 10 minute walk from our apartment. My love for the place was fully intact, and we spent the whole time watching a woman with the biggest front teeth I've ever seen chew food that kept falling out of the front of her mouth. With any luck, my friends, you will find me spending tons of hours in The Coronet later in life. It is truly one of god's best waiting rooms.

The Coronet
338-346 Holloway Road
London N7 6NJ
Closest Tube: Holloway Road

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lorena said...

HI Holly...
This place looks lovely, sad it is in the wrong side of London for me, from Cambridge to London line... I did live in the North of London once; Highgate. There is so much to discover.
How is it going, you have not posted much... I guess you are super busy.
I have been knitting a crochet blanket for a little baby girl who has born few days ago. The blanket is nice and soft in granny squares with a splash of colour, I could not help it! :P I have not been able yet to post it as I am still waiting for the mother to get the present parcel via post. It has to arrive to Chile, you see... I cannot wait to show it to the WORLD! Jaja.
Anyway, take care!