Friday, May 7, 2010

Portland Calling

Our relocation is complete. Well, besides finding a place to live, and a car, and all the rest of life's tasks that get put on a list for lunch hour phone calls. We've moved back to Portland, Oregon, and so far the reunion (do I call it a homecoming?) has been really sweet.

We've started our jobs, hugged old friends, and strategized on how we want to do things differently this time. It feels nice to be in such a crafty place again, and I hope to start some projects soon after the boxes get unpacked!


Lorena said...

HI Holly, I am Lorena again (the Chilean living in the Uk)... so sad you had to move but I am sure that won’t make any difference and you will be creative as ever... I love stopping by time to time and be amazed of something new... I wonder if your days have extra hours, ‘cause GOD you can knit! :D
Welcome to the web again and hoping you can show us something soon.
Kind regards, Lorena.
Ps: My sister lives in the USA, California, Costa Mesa and her dream is moving one day to Oregon. It would be lovely to share some pictures of that side of the world.

sew nancy said...

nice to hear you have settled. have a great weekend

verabee said...

Welcome back, Holly! :)

sheila said...

Glee!! I hope all was fabulous on your first week!!