Sunday, July 11, 2010

Special Kneads: Rosemary's Baby

I'm expanding my bread baking experiment called "Special Kneads". This time, I made rosemary cheddar bread, a combination of a cheddar cheese bread recipe I found in my book, with the addition of rosemary, because, why not? Rosemary and cheddar go great together! I also included some whole wheat flour, and took out/added ingredients as made sense to me from my last bread baking success.

I made two loaves, and gave one to friends. Then I made another loaf, and gave that one to a friend. All reports came back positive, so I think we have a winner!

So that I don't forget what I did, and you can partake in the fun as well, I've made a PDF version of the recipe for Rosemary's Baby. You can have it by clicking HERE.

I hope you'll make a loaf, or three. And once slightly stale, one friend commented that it would surely toast up for nice croutons. True! I've used this bread for french toast, a sort of savory kind, made the usual way but with a bit of ketchup on the side instead of syrup all over. Try it...delish!

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