Friday, July 2, 2010

White House, Beef Tea, and Cooling Salad

Happy Holiday weekend, everyone! I'll be going to the Wild Wild West (details to come), and crafting and baking lots, I hope. To celebrate our country, I'm posting a link to this online cookbook from the 1887 White House with hilarious recipes like:

One pound of lean beef, cut into small pieces. Put into a glass canning jar, without a drop of water, cover tightly and set in a pot of cold water. Heat gradually to a boil and continue this steadily for three or four hours, until the meat is like white rags and the juice all drawn out. Season with salt to taste and, when cold, skim.

and many practical and good sounding ones, too.

I'm also loving these joyous illustrations from a 1950s Good Housekeeping booklet on Summer entertaining (click to enlarge).

I wish you a heat wave, a cooling salad, and lots of fun. Happy America Day to you!


jociegal said...

Very nice :)

Lorena, American (Chilean) in the UK said...

Just for curiosity we spent some of the afternoon of the 4th of July in a military USA base here in the UK... just to see who the people from Unite States will celebrate the Independence Day. Well, I was not surprised that there was not much :D
I have this thing against animals and stuff, must be my Spanish blood and the awful Corrida de Toros.
We do have Rodeo in Chile as well... same sort of ability display...
Anyway, Happy Independence day. I share your feeling, once we were under the Spanish Empire. I have to say though, not the whole of America shares the same Independence day, if you meant America BY the continent of course, as far as I know, only USA celebrates the 4th of July... ;P
I am being cheeky here, as we are Americans too...