Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shirt Tales

This is the shirt I made for my friend Jocelyn, who celebrated her birthday yesterday. I made it from Simplicity 4112 (sadly discontinued, I bought it off ebay) and a Liz Claiborne shirting that was some of the nicest material I've used in a long time. I got it at Fabric Depot here in Portland, and I might be buying more.

I changed the pattern by dropping the armpit by one inch (I hate shirts that crawl up into your armpit) and made the bottom squared by (measuring 7.5 inches from the low waist line on the pattern) so she wouldn't always have to tuck it in. I guessed at her size, but I thought the drapeyness of the fabric might be quite forgiving. She said it fits perfectly!

Jocelyn has been such a great friend to have here in Portland. You can tell by her blog that she loves the simple and important things in life, and she always loves things hand made. She makes my work days so much brighter. Happy Birthday, Joc!

As for the shirt, I'm going to try making myself one out of a bed sheet I thrifted for $3. I realize I run the risk of making the ugliest garment the world has ever seen, in which case I'm going straight back to the luxury shirting. I guess we'll wait and see.

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