Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I found a Norwegian Krumkake maker at the thrift shop for $5. So, on Sunday, I made my first Krumkakes (pronounced "KROOM kah kah", not "crumb cake" - how good is that?). I just followed the recipe that came with the maker, almost identical to this one.

You're supposed to roll them up on a wooden spool and maybe stuff them with whipped cream. I didn't have the special spool, so at first I rolled them by hand. But I decided they were nicer flat, as I loved to see their pretty design.

They went to work and were enjoyed. Next time, I want to try a different recipe, and am thinking something like my old fortune cookie recipe might be possible.

I'm so happy to have this little contraption, if only just to revel in its beautiful design.

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