Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Secret Raglan

I finished my first sweater of 2011. Well, it was really a sweater knit in 2010, that sat in a project bag patiently waiting while I knit all my Christmas gifts. Last week, I finally took it to the finish line.

Made of Felted Tweed (one of my very favorite yarns), I knit it from the top down using calculations made with this (genius) pattern (Ravelry link here). You start with the neckline stitches and increase in four points around the body, then put the sleeve stitches on holders while you knit the body. This sweater has a secret, however. Can you see it?

I ran out of green, and one of the arms has two rounds less of that color! I made up the length by adding one round of color to each of the next stripes, and you can't really tell. Only you and I will know...

I made a simple rolled neckline, and edged it in reverse stockinette stitch, so the cuffs would roll the other way. One of my Crafty New Year's Resolutions was to not follow patterns exclusively, and make things my own way more often.

For a sweater made of scraps, I think it came out alright! I wore it to work yesterday, and it was cozy, warm, and fun.

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