Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring Mix, for Heather

There's something so satisfying about knitting from a vintage pattern. Reading the instructions from 40 years ago, following the words and numbers, and ending up with a cardigan that someone designed so long ago. It's just so exciting!

I found this pattern at a local fiber festival for $3. I love the design. I think the whole family is inspiring.

So I made it for my sister, whose birthday is at the end of this month. I sent it Back East last week so she could wear it early, but not before getting some photos (I hope you don't mind, Heather!).

The pattern for the "Petal Yolk Cardigan" was foolproof, and the yarn (Tosh Pashmina), is certainly the softest I've ever known. I think I chose this yarn specifically because my mother used to dress Heather and me in complimentary (monogrammed 'HLK') sweaters that were the ITCHYest. My sister still has flashbacks.

I would make this sweater again in a second. I'm calling it my "Spring Mix" cardigan, because, like Heather's birthday always has for our family, it will usher in a new season.

Happy Early Birthday, Heather!

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