Monday, February 21, 2011

Tea Party

My girl Peg had a tea party for some girls (and 2 boys). I made Irish Soda Bread from this recipe.

I had never had soda bread. I didn't realize it was actually a giant scone. I was slicing cold butter into my mixer, thinking it was similar process to scones I had seen on TV. Then I brought it to Peg's and she had made real scones, and we realized we made the same thing. Both were very tasty. It was all pretty tasty.

Snacks brought by various people ranged from veggies and salsa/hummus to a galette, to cheese and chutney, and lots of crackers and cookies. Some of us brought our crafts. Lots didn't, and on a rainy Sunday it was nice to just sit around chatting.

Until, at about 4pm, everyone decided they could use a nap, and we packed it up. Weekend day entertaining! It's a revolution (and for a bonus, leaves you with no hangover)!

I'll be making the soda bread again. It's about as sweet as I like things, and I'd eat it for/with any meal throughout the day.

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jociegal said...

Oh yummy. Soda bread is one of my all time favs.