Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beach Bound

Friends, I'm going on vacation tomorrow, to Hawaii! Mr. Jones and I are going to The Big Island for a full week, a trip I have been anticipating since the last time we went to Kauai, three years ago.

I love Hawaii, and not just for the beaches and people and the animals and the water. Hawaii exists in my imagination, as a 70s Polynesian paradise, and an 80's TV special. Is it like that for every American not from the West Coast?

We have lots planned in Hawaii, from hikes in volcanoes to horseback rides in canyons to snorkeling and swimming in the sea. I've made 3 new dresses, and found 2 amazing vintage ones. I can't wait to show it all to you upon my return. It's been such a manic anticipation, I almost need a holiday from myself!
This space will have a post or two in my absence, and I'll 'see' you again in about a week.

I bid everyone at work good-bye with these "Pineapple Right Side Upcakes", made from the same recipe as last time, using a cup of pineapple instead of the blueberries, and no sugar swirl in the middle. Candy leis on simple icing made them even sweeter.

PS. I'll be announcing the giveaway winner upon my return. Still time to enter!

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Anonymous said...

Have a lovely holiday, it sounds amazing already & I can't wait to see the pictures!