Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Caterpillar Present

I hope you're enjoying the HarVest pattern! I thought it was a nice pre-fall projects, if you have the energy. I'm thinking about knitting a few up for my shop (I have a shop?) in case anyone has an upcoming baby shower or birthday. Let me know, in comments, if anyone is interested.

Recently, I've been getting into the idea of coordinating gifts, combining something I make for a kid to wear, with something I've bought for them to play with. I know this is in no way a new idea. Licensed fabrics are probably produced with this in mind. Still, it's a new to me idea that I'm enjoying for the moment. It makes shopping more fun, too.

A Hungry Caterpillar puzzle and Bubble Dress went to my favorite 2 year old.

She eats everything on the go, so hopefully this dress will fit right in with her lifestyle.

Happy Birthday, Willow!

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