Tuesday, October 25, 2011

For the Pumpkin Within

Have I told you that I hate maternity clothes? I mean, I hate almost all maternity clothes on the market today. What is it about pregnancy that would make me want to wear synthetic fibers, almost exclusively? So I'm making some outfits of my own. I don't know if I have the time to make enough of them for a wardrobe, but I'm doing whatever I can with a 55 hr./week work schedule.

I found this pattern at the thrift shop for $1, and in a moment of 70s inspiration (those come to me more frequently than other kinds) I bought some complementary corduroy at Fabric Depot and made this dress. I also added a pocket.

My strategy is to make clothing big enough that I can grow into it things, instead of constantly buying things I'll be busting out of, month after month.

I particularly love the back, which I can let out incrementally, to make the front more accommodating.

The dress served me well at the pumpkin patch (we took a lovely drive to Krugar Farm), where I bought many pumpkins. I've made pumpkin soup, pumpkin thai curry, bombay pumpkin, and many toasted seeds. With this diet/pregnancy/wardrobe, I will soon resemble a pumpkin, but there are worse things. Do you have any maternity clothing solutions to share?


FoFo said...

Very cute! I know I don't understand the idea of wearing clothing so tight that every bump and bulge show. I prefer something a bit looser when pg to be comfortable.

lindy by the sea said...

That dress is SO adorable! Nice job!