Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sets of Small Things

Some sets of things, for the baby. I know so many pregnant ladies now, that I may give away a set or two before my own pregnancy is over.

Norwegian Baby Cap (free pattern here) and Baby Mocs (free pattern here).

Norwegian Baby Cap (same pattern as above) this time with strings added, and Baby Moc-a-Socs. Ravelry notes are here. I'm slowly making my way through my scrap stash!

Before I found out the gender of this baby, I was so hoping it was a girl so that the clothes I knit would be suitable. Now I'm realizing that so much of what I knit could go to either a boy or a girl! Girly garments await, I'm sure.

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AaReAn said...

these are SO adorable!!!!! Love the green one!
This is way random but I saw you commented on Cup of Jo's blog for her necklace giveaway...and thought I'd let you know I'm doing a similar giveaway with a VERy cute personalized stamped necklace!

You should come check it out...hey two entries is better then one right?! :-)