Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Off the List

Wow, where have I been, huh? The answer is, that I've been fulfilling a lot of Christmas/end of the year obligations. These are the kinds of things I expressed enthusiasm for when I had more time and energy. Then time became short, and people around me became anxious for their completion. Now, with almost everything crossed off my list, I can finally see some Christmas relaxation on the horizon.

This was one big accomplishment:

Back in Summer, I solicited recipes from many of my coworkers for this company cookbook. The recipes were so great! Then I lost energy. With the help of the Mr. Jones, and the lovely Vera (who drew this sweet cover and additional little drawings inside), and Jocelyn on proofreading, I madly rushed to complete it over the Thanksgiving break.

In the end, we had 136 recipes from 82 people, sold out all 130 copies, and made over $600 for the Oregon Food Bank. It felt good to do something for charity (something I'd love to get back to doing in the New Year), and felt even better to get it done!
How is your pre-Christmas list looking, good people?

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