Thursday, December 1, 2011

Playing in the Leaves

Happy December, everyone! 4 months from tomorrow is my due date. It feels like a long time to go, but I'm hanging in there and looking forward to meeting our Strawberry (that's how she's referred to, these days). In the meantime, I'm still sewing homemade maternity clothes. Most recently I made this shirt:

I found a bag of Liberty fabric at an estate sale for $5 (don't you just love estate sales?!). Most of it was smaller pieces, but this (almost) 3 yard cut made a really comfy maternity blouse. I like the buttons at the back.

I used this vintage pattern (found at the Goodwill, in a bag of patterns for $4.99). Of course I was attracted to the Peter Pan collar, but in the end didn't put it on. I thought it got lost among the fabric's print. I've also made the jumper, though there are still some decisions to be made. It looked too plain and frumpy when first donned, so I was thinking about chopping it up. I pulled it out of the closet this morning, however, and thought its plainness sort of cute! So decisions are still up in the air.

At any rate, I'm enjoying this free and easy blouse in these final days of Fall. I know the blouse's colors are more Springtime, but as I play in the season's last leaves, I can feel the small person inside me kicking and squirming.

I guess when I chose this print, I gave her some leaves to play in, too!


FoFo said...

Your top is lovely! You are doing a wonderful job sewing.

sew nancy said...

The top is beautiful. What a great style you used for that Liberty and the price you paid for the fabric is amazing.

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