Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wishing Her Well

The alternate title of this post is "Oh my god, I have a newborn and actually finished sewing something!".  I'm still crafting, albeit slowly.  And I'm still trying to figure out how this 8 pound person takes up my whole day (and night).
I made this dress for when Penny is age 2.  I'm working well ahead of the curve.
The pattern is one of a wind fall I found at the Goodwill months ago.  Two big bag of vintage girl patterns, many of them the same but for different ages, often missing pattern pieces that I have to draft.   It's still worth it.  The illustrations alone make the clothes look so easy and dear. 
I found the wishing well vintage fabric at another Goodwill here in town.  A small amount, just perfect for a small person's brand new dress.
 I spend much of these days wishing her well, wishing us both well, as we figure things out together.

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Stephanie said...

Sewing already! Good for you!

Love the vintage patterns. So sweet.