Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Sewed Sunki

I fell in love with the pattern called "Sunki" by Patterns by Figgy's.  Sunki apparently means "to catch up with" in a Native American language.  The styling of this dress is so modern, and the result so fabulous.

I loved the ikat fabric pictured on the cover so much that when I saw something similar at the fabric store, I bought it for this dress.  Not very original, but sometimes photos are just too inspiring.

I used piping on this dress.  I haven't used piping in a very long time.  I had it in my stash, and thought it might add a nice touch.

This one is packed up for a present, but I'll be sewing lots more Sunkis.  Maybe one in every size!

Because when you find a good pattern, it stays on your mind.  Every time you find a lovely dress fabric, a part of me will say "Sunki".  What a funny thing to think!  As if my thoughts aren't strange enough...