Friday, June 22, 2012

One Polished Penny

My mom and sister came to Portland to visit!  They met Penny for the first time, spoiled us rotten, and treated us to take-out from all our favorite places.  We've never lived near family, so having them around was really special.  My dad passed away over 10 years ago and we missed him here and thought of him often.  My mom also overcame a lifelong fear of flying to make the journey!  Penelope loved them dearly.

My sister Heather (who we referred to as 'Supernanny' for her spectacular way with babies) might be called Ciocia (pronounced 'chucha', Aunt in Polish), by Penny:

Cuddle Time continues with Penny and Bobcia (pronounced 'Bob-cha'), her grandmother:

The weather was gorgeous (note my new love: clear sunglasses!):

Three generations of Klein ladies!

They almost missed their flight home.  Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad if they did! 

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jociegal said...

Love this!! A lot. Great pic at the end and the one with your Mom and Penny (with Penny smiling) just melted my heart into a million pieces.