Friday, June 1, 2012

Penny at Two Months

Penelope Jones turned two months old this past week.  It was a milestone that came with her first immunizations (don't worry, she did great).  Penny is just dreamy.  She now smiles constantly (100 different smiles in one minute), and tracks us across the room with an interested stare.  She's so much more aware of her world, loves lights and is sensitive to sounds.  She naps consistently, and only wakes up once or twice a night.  She coos in a variety of ways, which her doctor says is very advanced for her age!  Penny is the star in our night sky, and she lights up our days.

She is now 10 pounds, 3 ounces.  It boggles my mind to think that some babies are born this size.  She looks so big to me!  Her head is in the 80th percentile and her body is in the 30s.  She's like a Charlie Brown character!

Penny recently outgrew her first set of newborn clothes.  It made me so sad!  Perhaps I'll frame them, like these.  She's now wearing proper 0-3 month outfits, or what she likes most: nothing at all...

I'm so glad we're going into Summer in Portland.  Penny has come to love the outdoors.  She can lay comfortably on her back now (that was one of our challenges), and enjoys long walks where she looks up at the trees, and sees the lights playing through them.

This coming month we'll be visited by friends from England, as well as my mom and sister.  We can't wait!

 We also can't wait to see what her third month brings!

For the record: 
Penny loves: breastmilk, smiling and "conversation", anti-colic bottles, baths, bouncing on her yoga ball, swinging, long walks in her stroller, swaddles, cuddles, parties, and being held by visitors.
Penny hates:  Certain sounds (creaky floorboards, the shower curtain sliding on the rod, crying babies), late bedtimes, getting bibs on, and changing clothes (especially over her head or outfits with snaps).
We love: her expressive hands and long eyelashes, buying toys she's still too young for, hand-me-down clothes for the days' million changes, and inventing 100 nicknames  for our daughter: Penny J,  PJ, Milky J, Fussy J, Smiley J, Penny Poopy Pants, it goes on...

Happy 2 month birthday, Penny!

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