Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hood River

Before leaving the Columbia River Gorge, we spent an afternoon in the adorable town of Hood River.  Did you know the gorge is one of the top wind surfing destinations in the world?  Thank you random seat back magazine I read while flying into Portland years ago!  Anyway, Hood River has the most adorable Main Street, catering to that sporty windsurfing crowd.  It also appealed to us!  An actual small town book store, stationer, many a resturaunt and independent clothing store, not many chains; it really can exist!  Go there and stay at the adorable looking Hood River Hotel, but do not order the veggie burger from the bar.  You really might crack a tooth, trust me.

How cutesy kawaii is this ice cream shop?! I almost died and went to Tokyo:

Scream for ice cream, Penny!  Then look at Mt. St. Helens, the other way down one of the side streets.

If you hear a woman yelling at her husband and a baby crying in the streets, that might be us! I might be saying "Quick, get a photo of this darn railroad, Joner, so we can get this baby out of the god-forsaken sunshine!"

Let's get a close-up:

Super.  Finally one for the family album.


David said...

Hi, I went to Full Sail Brewing Pub for lunch once and it was great and we had a view on the river... Hood River is a great place ;-)

Unfurled said...

We saw that brewery and the views from it must have been fabulous! Alas, the amount of steep steps with our stroller put us off. Maybe next time...