Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Very Portland Wedding

We went to the greatest wedding recently, held at Voodoo Donuts, a Portland institution.  Some towns are drinking towns, or food towns.  Portland is what I call a dessert town, populated by residents with a sweet tooth throbbing at all times of the day.  Patrick and Amanda got married in a voodoo(ish?) ceremony, presided over by a man in a purple bear suit in a doughnut shop.  And wasn't it fabulous!  It really, really was.

We waited outside the doughnut shop for the wedding party to arrive. The public still lined up around the building to buy their doughnuts (see them there on the right). 

Patrick's family looked on proudly, and didn't everyone look dapper!

Don't worry, they kicked out the public once it was wedding time. At which point they invoked the spirit of Kenny Rogers (seriously! wha??), showered the crowd with rainbow sprinkles, and the ceremony commenced.

Short and sweet (and I do mean sweet!) that ceremony was, finished with a jump over the voodoo stick to solidify their love, as Penny J. watched from her doughnut coffin.

You didn't think there would be a kiss without a doughnut in between the lips, did you?? (I love the look on the Officiate's face..GRRRR.). 

Then they brought out doughnuts and coffee for us.  See, Voodoo doughnuts aren't your regular variety.  These doughnuts have, er, stuff on them.  And by stuff, I mean an extra one million grams of sugar in forms ranging from fruit loops to oreos to marshmallows and caramel. And we ate them, one and all, in the name of LOVE!!!

This was followed by a sugared up doughnut shop dance, as the music played and the general public were let back in to resume buying.  It was a great atmosphere! Like having a big reception with tons of people you never have to speak to, who cheer for your marriage on their way out.

Congratulations Patrick and Amanda. You guys are the best! We loved attending your wedding and as they say at Voodoo, may all your doughnut dreams come true!

Their motto is actually "The Magic is in the Hole", but that's for another time :)

P.S. I'm redesigning the blog a bit, including bigger photos so you can SEE what I'm SAYING.  You hear?


DAKOTA said...

Great photography you have here. I love the creative direction of your work! And great colors too. :)

Jocelyn Pascall said...

You know how much I love this. LOVE THIS.

Anonymous said...

So fun!