Monday, April 1, 2013

The Birthday Dress

Remember when I took up smocking?  Then I went found the Portland Smockers, and I went to California to learn some more at a national convention?  It was all so long ago.  Yet, smocking has always been at the back of my mind (and this dress always been at the back of my closet).  I decided that for Penny's first birthday I would finish it for her. Really, I think I needed to finish it for both of us. 

I toiled over it. Wow, did I toil. The bias binding almost sent me over the edge. I sought advice from sewing shops and crafty friends and my mom, in town this past week. Penny had many fittings, as I adjusted the back buttons. I chose three different types of buttons before settling on some clear glass ones. I made button loops. Then, the button loops broke. I stressed about all of it, and then I decided to stop worrying and put it on her, and let whatever happens, happen. 

In the end, it was fine.  Maybe it was more than fine. Maybe it was something special. She looked special in it to me (but then again, she usually does).  

She wore it yesterday, at her her birthday party in the park, on Easter Sunday (more on that to come).

It was a wonderful day. Besides getting the dress done, maybe I learned a lesson for sewing: to go for it, and let whatever happens, happen. Just do your best (nothing needs to be perfect)! Penelope Jones, now a whole year old, has taught me this lesson almost daily.

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