Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Morning, 2014

A long time ago, I attended a smocking convention, and a woman from the South said something like "If you're from the South, and your children are not in a smocked dress on Easter morning, something is very wrong". Of course, I'm not from the South but I love this sentiment so much that this year I tried to dress my children as if we were Southerners (and church-goers, ahem).  

We went to an egg hunt in the garden of a local resturaunt, and then headed to the park for hours playing outside with the other neighborhood kids, who had all just finished up egg hunts in various other locations. It was truly idyllic. Can't you just tell by the girls' faces, below?

Baby Lulu has met Santa and the Easter Bunny in her first half year of life. Go, Lulu!

The bunnies around these parts do not have sore feet:

While Penny went on the swings and the slides, and ran around to her heart's content...

Lulu looked on with a smile, and dozed in her stroller...

Unlike when I smocked a dress for Penny's first birthday, I thrifted both of their Easter dresses. Bought on different occasions, they were less than $5 each.

Then there was the matter of chocolate. Penny has become quite a fan. She uncovered some in one of the eggs she picked up on the hunt, and grinned.

She wanted me to sit down so she could climb and my lap and enjoy it. But not share, of course :).

We headed home for naps - a certain adult got one, too. Can you tell we were tired? 

Hope your Easter was as sweet as mine.

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