Saturday, September 20, 2014

Knitting Neon

When the yarn company I work for came out with a fingering weight neon yarn, I was smitten. I just finished up two knits with it, and I think they're just so unique. I used every color in the collection to make this toddler vest:

It took so long to make on size 2 needles that I don't think it fits my toddler anymore. She also screams and runs out of the room when she sees it. Seriously. Nevermind, though! I've got another baby coming down the line, and despite rumors to the contrary, neon never really goes out of style ;).


I also made this baby sweater out of the color "Hot Tamale" and paired it with a zip-up onesie for a complete outfit. I'll be giving it to my friend Patrick for the birth of his upcoming son in December. It feels like I show so few handmade projects here, but I always have at least five in process. I'm working on my first original crochet pattern, as well as writing up some kiddo patterns I've had in the works for what seems like years. I hope to get this all to you soon! Now back to worrying about what's for dinner.... ;).

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