Saturday, September 13, 2014

Penning and Woo Woo

Penny and Lulu (or Penning, as she calls herself, and Woo Woo, as she calls her sister) have gotten a wee bit closer these days. Penny went from completely disregarding her sister, to regarding her, to now....maybe, considering her.  I'm hoping we're on our way to "liking her" someday. Once in a long while they'll share in an activity and really seem to enjoy each other's company. Of course, when that happens, my heart jumps for joy.

They've played music together a few times this summer:

Once in a while, they'll request to get in each other's beds, and have some pajama time together:

Lulu tries to get in on the fun anytime Penny has a friend over. This really brings me back to my childhood, when the only friend around was our neighbor Elissa, my sister's age, and I tried to do anything I could with them, when they'd let me.

This past week, Penny was swinging in the hammock and suddenly requested "Woo Woo get in". Mr. Jones and I looked at each other, then at Penny. "Really?? Ok, here she comes!" They did some swinging for a good 20 seconds before Woo Woo was sent away. That might be a record for proximity!

The girls also take a bath together each night, and really enjoy each other's company. One thing we've noticed is that now that they go to the same daycare, they've gotten a lot closer. Lulu looks to Penny whenever they're in the same room, and Penny has a couple of chances each day to visit her sister in the baby room. She kisses her head and pats her back and sometimes tickles her feet, making a high-pitched "eeee" sound when she does it. For a toddler who's never really been enchanted by babies, Penny is really looking out for her sister. Thanks, Penning!

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