Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Handknit Holiday, 2015

I finished a few hand knits for the girls before the holidays, just in time for a cold snap here in Portland right before New Year. We seem to be in a sweet spot with the handmade gifts. Lulu can't express an opinion either way, and Penny comments constantly while they're in progress: "For me, mama?". Since she knows they're for her, she's ecstatic to put them on once they're finished. For her two most recent sweaters, I was able to find coordinating dresses in just the right colors.

I've been wanting to make this sweater for so long, and the pattern lived up to my anticipation (Ravelry link here). Fun and quick to make, I'm loving the pullovers right now for their ease of no buttons. I'm loving the worsted weight yarn for it's warmth, and superwash makes it even easier.

I love a baby in a knitted dress around the holidays. Remember Penny's Christmas dress two years agoLulu's dress (Ravelry link) was also super easy, and I did the colorwork by using one ball of multi-colored yarn and "abbreviating" the color changes by cutting out some of the solid runs, making it change color a bit faster. It's a really cute shell to a onesy and some tights that certainly keeps her toasty but is short enough not to hinder her stepping. 

Penny has been requesting a purple sweater for ages, and there's so few shades of purple that I like. She tells me that her favorite colors are purple and green, so when I saw this dress on clearance and was able to match the yarn, I finally cast on for a sweater I've liked for a while (Ravelry link).

She's wearing it today, her first day of preschool. Preschool! She's not even 3 yet, but they've moved her up to be with friends in a new and exciting environment. She couldn't be prouder (nor could we) and, as she's indicating above, her future looks pretty bright, even if we're all still  figuring out which way is up :).

Did you make any New Year's Resolutions? Almost all of mine are craft-related. They include starting that quilt that I've been meaning to make for a while (and by that I mean years) now, to redo the girls' rooms to be bright and cheerful, and to publish some original patterns, both new and old.

Other than that, I feel life will happen, and I'll resolve to meet these happenings as best I can.

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gail said...

i have long admired that sweater pattern! the yellow is wonderful. i wish i could knit! and you have gorgeous children, too! :)