Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lulu, Lately

Lucille Jones has made some major changes these days. I think age 1 is suiting her! The holidays have past and we're back to our routine, but things with the girls are definitely different! After getting four teeth and a bad cold, Lulu's sleep patterns went from bad to worse. Then, we got a plan together and we're on the upswing, I guess for now. By that, I mean we've had a few nights of better rest (a few in a year, so that's really a few) but we're happy with whatever we can get!

Lulu's hair is a source of great joy to me. Penny spent her babyhood bald, and Lulu's is the cutest shortest little 'do. It goes from proper bedhead to a cute pageboy, to a genuine mullet. I like to stay tuned to the latest :).

The eating. Oh gad, the eating. We've had so little interest in any of it. Then out of the blue, a love of cheese. I'll take it! There's a slight sampling of other things, but also a lot of rubbing food on the floor and shaking her head "no" at all the options. I bet she's learned this from her sister :(.

She's such a sweet girl, this Lulu. Penny has definitely noticed that Lulu is growing up. If you call Lulu a baby, her sister will say, "Lulu is not a baby! She's a WOBBLER now". It's true, she is a "Wobbler" at daycare - laughing and painting and walking and falling and having a great time with her best friends Calvin and Dennis, among others. Now she walks more than she crawls, and she reacts to everything, most of all her sister. She has so many expressions - her critical eyebrows, her angry determination, and her cheeky, coy grin. I like to watch them all, and I do. She's such a fun baby...I mean WOBBLER.

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