Tuesday, March 10, 2015

At a Push

"At a push" you could say that these sisters get along well. They do everything siblings do: they get angry at each other and fascinated by each other, and they don't want to be without each other. This weekend it was gloriously warm. We spent our days in the parks, sometimes two parks in one day. Penny wanted to push Lulu on the swing for the very first time.
Penny really likes being a big sister. Each morning when Lulu wakes up she greets her with "Hi, Little Sister!". She calls Lulu "cute". She tries to tickle her. Lulu loves every moment. Penny is her idol. 

Penny and her daddy love to kick the soccer ball together. There is yelling, and squeals of delight (from both of them). The greatest thing about Penny right now is her language, which is almost perfect. Sometimes, though, she gets her words wrong, in the best possible way. 

When Penny wants to tell me she's having fun, she'll yell, "Mama, look at me and Daddy. We're being funny!" Yes, Penny! We're all being funny a lot these days, having so much fun together. Penny and Lulu, at 14 months and almost 3 - really "funny" ages.

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