Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Vintage Dresses and Smoothie Stands

The girls and I go to play at mostly the same places each week. The way they play there, however, changes each time we go. Slowly, they are starting to play together a bit more. Penny is pretending all the time now - "imaginative play" they call it at pre-school. On this particular day, she had a (pebble) smoothie stand. We just started making smoothies at home, to get in some extra fruit and veggies. And she got customers! It's great to start seeing her interact with kids of a similar age whom she's never met before.

Then, there's Lulu, who does every single thing her sister does. "We're collecting rocks?", I can hear her thinking, "I can do that." "We're jumping off bigger rocks? I'll try it". On and on it goes and in certain moments, they are both perfectly content. Penny has even been known to beg Lulu to play with her. Can you imagine? Only a few months ago, I could have never.

The dress (shirt? It says size 5 so I'm not quite sure) is vintage, bought at the kind of thrift store that sells clothes by the pound. Penny calls it her "costume dress" and I pulled it out of the back of her drawer when she requested a "costume for the play" (even though there was no play). She's terribly pleased with herself when she wears it. Of course, so am I :).

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