Monday, June 8, 2015

In & Around

There hasn't been much going on, and yet we've never been busier. The gardening. The garden! The house. These girls. Penny talks and talks, the whole day through, pretending everything under the sun. Lulu is starting to talk ("ball, "more" "ba-bye"), climbing on everything and following Penny everywhere. One so physical, the other so verbal. I can only imagine they years to come. We've been outside as much as we can. In parks and the backyard and at friend's houses, and activities around town. We've booked a small trip for Summer - about as far as we think we (they?) can handle. We're looking forward to getting away. And yet home is a sweet place right now. There's so much activity in a day, and so many, many emotions. Most of all: grateful. 



It's 92 degrees here today and still Spring. Penny's preschool takes them to a splash fountain where Penny sits on the bench with her teachers, "I don't like to get my hair wet", and requests to go to the port-a-potty numerous times to practice sitting. Lulu comes home filthy. She loves to dig and scoop and roll in the dirt like Penny never did. Like her sister and so many others though, she likes to scoop and sort and carry her dirt from place to place to place. They're so very different, these babes, and alike just the same. 

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