Monday, August 29, 2016


I've given a few handmade gifts, lately. Last week was one of Penny's teachers' last days before her maternity leave. She's been the sweetest, and I wanted to give her something for her upcoming baby Raven (isn't that a great name?). I made her an Annie Baby Blanket in yarn that self stripes. There was still a million ends to weave in, but I didn't mind. 

The colors reminded me of sunshine, so I made a Baby Surprise Jacket to match the blanket. I still love the idea of giving a "set" to a new mom. There are so many great sets in vintage pattern books I own, and I liked doing one knit item and one crochet piece.

Speaking of crochet, I made a gigantic donut for a friend's 40th birthday from a pattern in this book. It took so much yarn, but not as much time as I was expecting! It sure took a lot of fiber fill though, wow. Bags and bags and bags of it, bought with as many coupons as I could muster, at the craft store.

The size is ridiculous, and the girls pretended it was a pool float one day before we went swimming the day before we wrapped it up.

They were sad to see it go, which made me think I should make another - an orange one with bright pink icing, a chocolate one with light pink icing? Maybe someday, or maybe not :).

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