Thursday, September 22, 2016

Summer's End

We say good-bye to summer today. I can hardly stand it. It was over 100 degrees for so many days, and I honestly didn't mind it at all. I'll trade winter colds and months of rain for endless heat any day. This was the first summer that my girls really played together! It felt so good. They spent their days in so many parks, swam in pools constantly, gardened and ran around in the back yard, napped at the same time, and played everything from princesses to superheroes to trains together. I'm not sure what future summers will bring, but this one was particularly amazing. It ended with Lulu joining Penny at preschool, so the playing together hasn't ended. Last night Penny asked us, "Did you know that fairies gather up the fluffy clouds, give them to other people, and they make Lovies from them?" Oh gad, how I love these ages.

I leave you (and summer) with a serenade from Penny, who is also playing piano as her own accompaniment, in case you were wondering about the hands:

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