Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Recently Made: Warm and Fuzzy

Recently I've made some things with a bulky weight alpaca nylon yarn called "Wonderfluff", with which I'm having a love affair. The projects were super quick and the results were super rewarding. They certainly made for some warm and fuzzy projects. 

Perhaps my greatest accomplishment was this bear trophy head from the book Animal Heads: Trophy Heads to Crochet. The crochet charts were bonkers and the written instructions were even crazier. It was by far the most difficult thing I've ever crocheted, but I love him. He hangs in our bedroom, in the eve of our wooden roof, with pride. I'm tempted to do another animal from the book, but I just don't know if I have the guts (or the yarn) to complete it.

I've been making lots of these little vests lately. It's the perfect weekend project, so quick to complete with great details, too. I love the finished edges, the pompoms or buttonhole. I'm stock piling them for upcoming birthdays of kids I know. I think they're a great Fall layer. The pattern is Lil Shepherd by Julie Partie, and my Ravelry link is HERE.

Finally, I knitted myself a sweater! Though, this is not me wearing my sweater, of course. My friend Hannah generously modeled it for me. The pattern is "Walking on the Moon" by Heidi Kirrimaier (Ravelry link HERE) and I completed it in two weeks, on size 15 needles. It was a revelation. Who can beat bulky yarn for a quick fix? A large gauge sweater is the way to go, I've learned. Done and done.

Lately, I've been back to the sewing machine, though what I have left of this bulky weight yarn is still calling my name (as is my long to-do list of so many uncrafty related things). Boo!

P.S. I've finally decided to get a little social. I've joined Instagram! I'm @hollyunfurled. Come over and say hi. I'd love hear from you!

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