Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mr. Furly in "A Case of Mistaken Identity"

Furl went down to San Francisco a week ago for Gay Pride Weekend (yes, he is) and got picked off the street by the 5-O! Charged with armed robbery, the cops say they have enough evidence to put him away for life. At Alcatraz Prison (closed only to human inmates, we found out), Furl now awaits trial. He used his only phone call to contact me, of course. I'm going there to visit and strategize with him this weekend. If anyone knows anything or can provide legal counsel, please leave a comment. We're all very worried.


ikindler said...

That is one naughty beaver!
Too bad this happened in San Fran.
My legal connections only work in the Bronx...

TCHDEAF said...

Poor guy needs some help!! He does look cute in stripes!