Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sewing Idea: Sewn-in Brooch

I love a good wrap skirt. They're so simple to make that when I'm done with one and it's taken me no time at all, I'm suspicious. So I like to embellish them. For these, I did some embroidery on a hoop in a similar weight fabric as the skirts, then sewed them into the skirts using bias tape, binding, or edging as a "frame". Once you're finished with a skirt (or have a store-bought one you want to jazz up), cut a hole in it 1/4 inch smaller all around than the inset you're planning to sew in. Turn raw edge to the wrong side, baste your "brooch" in place, sew it in, and add your edging by hand or with the machine! I love to make those tiny cross-stitch kits you get at the dollar store, so I'm planning to make a gorgeous holiday shirt, with sewn-in brooches gallore! Snazzy!

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